The marathon upsets the rankings in 4×4 Class

Leg 6

No podium for Jeanette

Big surprise in 4×4 Class, Jeanette and Rachelle of Team 257are out of the ranking after ending the marathon leg with mechanical trouble.  Régine and Tania of Team 216 (Tania LIO / Régine ZBINDEN)take the top spot in today’s leg with just 13.85 km over the ideal distance, establishing themselves as the overall winners of 4×4 Class.

The top 3 in the Leg 6 ranking resembles that of the general ranking. Sophie and Julie of Team 143 (Julie KOHLMANN / Sophie FABRI)finish second in the leg with 20.44 km over the ideal distance, closely followed by Mylène and Marie-Line of Team 234 (Marie-Line REY / Mylène LECIEUX)with 21.47 km. On the podium, it is Team 143 (Julie KOHLMANN / Sophie FABRI)in second place and 234 (Marie-Line REY / Mylène LECIEUX)in a close third.

Tough blow for novice team

In First Participation 4×4 Class, a major disappointment for Cendrine and Pauline of Team 223 (Cendrine AZZOPARDI / Pauline CHAPPAZ), who had been leading the ranking since the start of the competition but end up in 8th position after a Leg 6 marred by mechanical assistance and missed checkpoints. Britt and Christelle of Team 226 (Christelle GESLOT / Britt ARNAUD)take first place in this final leg and also in the general ranking for First Participation 4×4 Class, followed by Teams 206 (Anne ROUSTIT / Nelly BELOTTI)and 208 (Ania DUFLOS / Blandine COUSIN). Choosing Route X certainly paid off for some teams!

Fourteen victories in fifteen editions

While Leg 6 may have upset the ranking in 4×4 Class, the same can not be said for SSV/Quad Class. Betty and Sonia of Team 39 (Betty KRAFT / Sonia BAUDOIN-GUERARD)once again finish the leg in top spot, clinching first place in the general ranking for their class with just 41.39 km over the ideal distance over eight days of competition. This remarkable performance earns Betty her fourteenth victory out of fifteen editions of the Rallye! Delphine and France of Team 47 (Delphine BICHOFFE / France CLEVES) take second place in the general ranking with 62.24 km, followed by Catherine and Hélène of Team 21 (Catherine KERAMIDAS / Hélène LEMAITRE).

No surprises in Crossover Class

In Crossover Class, Hajar and Malika of Team 306 (Hajar EL BIED / Malika AJAHA)finish the leg in 3rd place but it’s enough to keep their lead in the general ranking. The marathon leg win goes to Team 300 (Aurélie NADEAU / Sarah FESSEAU)with 37.72 km over the ideal distance. Valérie and Emmanuelle of Team 304 (Valérie SANTINI / Emmanuelle GIRAUD-BUSSAT) show consistent results, finishing second in the leg and also in the general ranking. In third place are Adeline and Karima of Team 308 (Adeline DROUIN / Karima BENOUARET BENZID), who manage to earn a spot on the podium despite their 379.88 km over the ideal distance in eight days of competition.

No change among the E-Gazelles

In E-Gazelles Auto VINCI Immobilier Class, Camille and Charlotte of Team 503 (Camille FOUGAIROLLES / Charlotte GUYOT)is the winner of this last leg, which saw an extremely tight result between the first three teams: Team 503 finishes 16.18 km over the ideal distance, followed by Team 512 (Aïcha SOSTARIC / Kitty DUQUESNE)with 16.32 km and Team 500 (Manal FAXELLE-ABOUHAMDA / Karolyn FAVREAU)with 17.16 km. This is not enough to affect the podium for the general ranking, where Manal and Karolyn of Team 500 have an almost unbeatable lead as they are the only team that has not received a penalty for mechanical assistance since the start of the competition. Behind them are Madjouline and Jessica of Team 505 (Majdouline FAHIM / Jessica GOISNARD)in second place and Aïcha and Kitty of Team 512 (Aïcha SOSTARIC / Kitty DUQUESNE)in third.

In E-Gazelle Buggy Prototype VINCI Immobilier Class, Armelle and Yolande of Team 602 (Armelle MEDARD-LANG / Yolande BENS)win the leg with only 10.23 km over the ideal distance. This puts them in second place in the general ranking, behind Agnès and Marie of Team 600 (Marie BELINGARD / Agnès MOSSINA). Martha and Nahide of Team 601 (Marta PARDO / Nahide ENNAM)round out the podium for the leg and the general ranking.